Monday, February 20, 2012

Job Interview Questions: What should I wear for a job interview at target?

Like the title says.Im just gonna be on the sales floor.

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Recommended Answer:
It doesn't matter the position you are applying for. You always dress to impress. You do not have to wear a suit and tie but it would not hurt your interview to do so. I would wear slacks, khakis, or dockers, a clean solid colored button down shirt, and shoes. Do not match the color of your clothes to Targets red and white unless your applying for the position of a clown. Other pointers, do not chew gum but breath mints are great. a little bit of cologne, do not over do it. Remember your appearance represents your work ethic. A professional appearance matters on a sales floor. Good Luck....

Tips For Facing a Job Interview

  • People generally advise you to dress up at least two levels higher than the current job for which you are appearing. It will create a good first impression. For professional and senior management positions, a suit, with a tie and dress shoes is quite suitable.
    For clerical positions interviews, it is reasonable to wear long sleeved shirt with a collar, and nice pair of dress pants. Formal hard soled shoes will be fine.
    The general rule is to opt for conservative shades and designs. Bright checked shirts, loud colored blouses, and odd designed dresses are not to be worn at all.

  • Rule of thumb: always dress better than what you'll be wearing for the position. But in general, if it's an interview, just show up in nice formal clothing to make a good impression, and to let them know you are serious about the job. In this particular case, although a suit is not a necessity, you can pull it off with a nice long-sleeve button down shirt, slacks, and a pair of black or brown shoes (not sneakers). Good luck!

  • Well since I dont know if you are male or female..

    Id dress as if you were going to a non formal wedding if you were a jeans..if you wear sneakers, clean them. No saggy pants! No piercings showing

    Women - no jeans, no sneakers, NOT a lot of makeup..a pant or skirt suit is best

  • Don't wear a cap. Keep your mouth shut if your teeth aint so good. Try and flirt with the interviewers (but not like a REAL hussy, just let them know your available.)

  • make a good first impression.. wear a pencil skirt with a bright top and a pair of nice heels.. it won't hurt to accessorize well.. but don't over do it..

  • you should wear bright red and white to match with the store. or a polo and khaki boot cut pants.

  • a dress

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