Friday, February 10, 2012

Job Interview Questions: Help me with my job interview?

Ok so I have an interview later today at a grocery store for carts/bagging, but I suck at interviews. What should I wear? I already went in this morning in a plain shirt and jeans. Should I go back wearing the same thing or change into nicer clothes? What are some good questions to ask for this particular type of job?

I need your tips/advice!


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This may be too late but...

This doesn't help specifically with this particular job but this could help with interviews in general: has free tutorials on how to prepare for an interview:… It includes instructional text, informational graphics, examples, and even interactives for you to practice what you've learned/actually apply what you've learned. There is information about what questions are normally asked in interviews and what to wear to an interview.

If you need additional help for things like writing a cover letter or resume or job searching, there are tutorials for that as well:

Hope it helps and Good Luck!

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  • That was my part-time job back in high school! You can wear something casual to make sure that you fit into the work environment. A nice polo shirt and khakis or dark jeans will do. You can ask about promotion opportunities and how long that might be before you are considered. Where I use to work, you started out as a bagger and then got promoted to cashier which paid a bit more. Ask about the job details. As a bagger, you might be doing more than getting carts and bagging, you might assist with some maintenace like cleaning up spills, or putting away returned goods. Good luck!

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