Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Job Interview Questions: Is it ok to wear black nail polish to a job interview?

I have a job interview tomorrow at a trendy clothing store, and I'm interviewing for a sales associate position. Is it ok to wear black nail polish if it is clean and done tastefully?

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Well I wouldn't mind, but some people might and they could get a bad first impression...but thats not everyone, it kind of depends on what kind of person thats interveiwing you is. :)

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  • As a former interviewer for both male and female positions I say leave the black nail polish for Halloween. Treat the interview professionally, no mater what the business or position. Same goes for guys and girls, take out the excess jewelry too. If you get the job then you can slowly add to your need for attention.

  • Yes I think it's perfectly fine to wear black nail polish, as long as it's not chipping off or something, especially since it's for a trendy clothing store. Black nail polish is very stylish and chic so it could possibly help you if you are also wearing a trendy outfit that goes with it.

    Answer mine please?:);…

  • Since you're interviewing at a 'trendy clothing store', I don't see why not. Make sure you put color along with your outfit, though. Make something really cute and impressionable, and not.... blah. Clothing stores don't need boring employees.

  • I didn't know black nail polish could be tasteful.
    But honestly, I think that you should just remove it now, and once you get hired, continue with your tastuful dark nails. I doubt there's any policy against black nail polish. That's racist.

  • presumably you mean shop assistant or sales girl, it is best not to appear quirky until they get to know you , you will find out what is acceptable appearance after you get the job, unless it is a goth specialist shop

  • I say take it off. It's better to be safe than sorry. It would really stink to not get a job just for your nail polish color but hey you never know what people are thinking during job interviews! Besides you can always just put it on again afterwards :]

  • Unless it's Hot Topic, no. Black nail polish may come off as unprofessional. I recommend not to wear any nail polish to the interview.

  • When you say sales associate.... Do you mean retail or something trendy? If your answer is yes to either of these, then I would say Yes. Other wise you may want to think twice.

  • Wear gloves to the interview. No one will see your black nail polish.

  • Why chance it. Something simple like that could turn an employer off.

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