Thursday, December 1, 2011

Job Interview Questions: What can i expect at my Walgreens job interview?

This is pretty much my first job and I have an interview at Walgreens tomorrow. Is there any thing that I should expect? What questions do you think they are going to ask? Anything specific I should do? Im just nervous as all..

I applied for the service clerk position*Anyways, Thanks!

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make sure you stay relaxed, smile a lot, and be really polite.
also be excited about the company. if they ask you why you want to work at walgreens (which there's a 87% chance they will) do not say it seems like a good job. i did that once.. big mistake lol.
instead you should be really enthusiastic and say how you always go to walgreens because they have the best products. your whole family has always shopped there and the employees were always extremely nice and helpful.
something like that.
they'll also ask what you would change about yourself if you could. the classic answer is that you would do more community service.
ahah i know... cheesy! but you can say anything along those lines. something you know they would want to hear.
also think of what you would say if they ask you to tell them about yourself.
they'll also ask what you would do in certain scenarios. such as what would you do if a customer complained about a product? or what would you do if a coworker was talking badly to you about the boss.
just try and think about what you would say to all these questions and you'll be fine :)
good luck! and since you posted this 16 hours ago, i'm probly too late. haha oh well it helped me writing this stuff out too cuz i have an interview in a few days :)

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